Knockout Programs

Customized Nutrition & Sports Specific Training Programs

Creative cutting-edge coaching methods that accelerate your results and keep you healthy! All programs are considerate of what are the ideal calories and macros you should be at various stages. However, we do not believe one calorie or macro is equal to another. This is an art science and specific foods are used to best prepare the body for the sport of bodybuilding.

What Is The Body Composition Assessment?

Receive information on the realistic length of time it will take for you to prepare for your show. You will receive valuable feedback from IFBB PRO and Contest Judge Michelle Johnson. All information is based on the judging criteria and what will make you not mediocre, but give you the competitive-edge. Learn where you need to create better balance and symmetry. Understand your physiques strengths and weaknesses based on your body type. Know what nutritional approach and training methods will best serve you.

It is important that you understand how important precision is when it comes to your program. By capturing this information upfront, we do our best to make your program safe and super effective. You want to be competitive don’t you?

Your Assessment includes:

  • An evaluation of your weight, inches and body fat. Your body type.
  • Evaluation of current blood work and overall health. No guessing or assuming all is good!
  • Learn how many pounds of fat you are carrying and how many pounds of muscle?
  • Body fat is read with a 9 point caliper reading – highly accurate
  • Photos are taken & reviewed during your first and ongoing monthly coaching sessions. Your shape matters and why is discussed with you.
  • Receive details about what sports specific adjustments are needed to make you a stand out on stage.
  • Use our Body Fat Calculator ongoing to track your own progress if you are an online coaching client.

Posing & Presentation Success Strategies

Individual Posing is included as a part of your program. This is a great savings! Your posing will take place during your scheduled check ins at the appropriate times and advised by your coach. Your first session may take up to one hour and all others 15-30 mins. Group posing may include a charge.

  • IFBB posing tips and techniques that will give you swag & have you stand out
  • Learn what the judges are looking for and how to meet that expectation
  • KISS – Keep it stupid simple. We make posing simple and inexpensive because it should be!
  • Access to a well of well researched resources giving you the competitive edge
  • Receive elite level posing coaching from IFBB Pros and affiliated staff members
  • Advice on your suit, make up, shoes, jewelry, tanning and more
  • Receive discounts from top suit designers, make up artists and supplementation providers
  • Learn how to move seamlessly through the competition arena

Check ins & Updates

You will either do your check in, in person, by SKYPE or by phone. Weekly and Biweekly check ins are 15 mins and monthly are 30 mins.

  • Continual assessments during mandatory check-ins
  • Updates and adjustments to program based on progress
  • Receive advanced posing techniques and tips that will have you posing like a pro
  • Optional once a week email coaching sessions
  • Bi Weekly check ins until your final month
  • Coaching the day of your show either by phone or in person
  • Weekly check ins until Peak Week (the final 7 days)

What you will receive after your show:

  • 30 min follow up phone discussion
  • One week of a Reverse Dieting tips. This is important to prevent adverse dieting effects and binge eating post competition.
  • Guidelines on how to maintain a healthy body fat percentage once you go into maintenance
  • Post competition analysis, feedback and ongoing strategies
  • Discussion of judges feedback

How It Works

Click here to start your application to be one of our elite atheletes
A coach will call you to schedule a phone interview
Your Team Knockouts Coach will prescribe an appropriate program for you
You go and buy the program via our website.