Want to blast the body fat and gain lean muscle without hitting a plateau? Most people don’t realize what goes into the sport of bodybuilding and how advanced, but yet simple the science really is. Sounds like a contradiction, but some things are just common sense, while others require first hand knowledge of calculations and how food plays out. You have to understand what a particular food will do in combination with exercise, to get the full picture of the strategies in place of the top athletes. Let’s not forget how essential timing of your macros is. This is not a guessing game, but a matter of precision. Nutrition being on the forefront being 80% of the results and you or your coach being able to manipulate your body with the science of food. The training part is about understanding how to build a muscle and make it the right shape for your desired look or what the sport you are in requires. This is where precision training is a must. It’s not just about hitting the weights and showing up at the gym. It’s having an effective game plan that makes ALL the difference.

The hardest part about creating bodybuilding programs is being able to come up with nutritional and training strategies that will get you past any potential plateaus and reignite progress. Most programs must be adjusted in order for this to take place and why I adjust my programs biweekly.


Here are 10 tips on how you can Blast the Bodyfat & REIGNITE OR JUMP START YOUR PROGRESS:

1) Tweak your resistance training often with sets, reps, lbs and increase or decrease volume and/or speed.

2) Tweak your Cardio Vascular techniques and time. Do HITT, Plyos, Circuits or steady state. Varying what you do and intensity.

3) Tweak the types of foods you eat. This ensures you get a variety of macro and micro nutrients so you are not depleted or lacking. If you are getting progress with what you are doing, only tweak a few things. Be sure you know when the best time for you to get a Macro is. Before or after workout meals are critical to ensure you get the gains you need and have the energy when you hit weights in the gym. What you eat all day ahead of your workouts can set you up or tear your workouts down.

4) Look hard at how much you are really cheating and get honest about it. Are you missing meals, are you really eating clean?

5) Change up your supplements so they continue to work. Cycle your supplements over 12 week periods and take breaks from them all together. When it comes to thermos or fat burners this is critical to ensure your body does not adapt and your adrenals don’t burn out. Beautyfit.com has several supplements that are highly effective and you can rotate for fat burning/thermogenic effects.I love Beauty Heat and Beauty Burn.

6) Is your technique on point. Are you squatting properly and low enough? Are you using good form throughout each movement. This can make a big difference in shaping and getting to the next level of your body. You don’t need a trainer, unless you are new to training. It’s best to watch videos about any movement you are unsure. If you are training that glute ham string tie in properly for instance, it will come in the way it should. If not, you need to consider technique or try some new exercise for it to shock it a bit.

7) Be sure you are sweating when doing cardio. If you socialize in the gym, you may find you are distracted from really pushing the cardio. Most people lack conditioning here and that’s why they wind up having to do more time, because they really are not pushing it enough to stimulate the muscle fibers and activate those sweat glands

8) Don’t alway train heavy and hard. If you take breaks from this, you will keep your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) in a place that is more realistic for you long term. If you are always dropping the calories and training heavy, you will find to maintain your BMR at that level, you have a real push your endurance & intensity in a way that most people can’t live up to. In the off season adjust your routines and body to reset it so when the on season comes, your metabolism is activated more easily when you begin to push your effort. Conditioning means being able to maintain a steady state over a period of time or being able to stay in a high intensity format for a shorter period of time. Your heart rate must be in the fat burning zone overall. Your muscle must be able to react well to your workouts without over exhausting you and burning you out for the next day. To do a proper show prep you must train in a way that also gives you endurance and is not entirely wearing you down.

9) Use any methods you can to push the results. If your waist is thick, why not try a squeem, many body builders use it to get the V-Taper if they are wide wasted. If you need to sweat more in the mid section or thighs use a garment that makes you sweat more. You can also try something like Sweet Sweat.

10) Hire a coach like me www.michellefitness.com or team-knockouts.com if you are stuck in a rut and need solid direction. A Trainer will help you push the weights, but weights alone won’t necessarily push your progress.

To learn more email michelle@michellefitness.com for the Accelerator or my Competitor Prep Program that will help you blast the body fat and build that lean muscle you desire.1610113_995120334092_257411215_n