Here are some things you may want to seriously think about before you do a show or your next show! I have had an amazing amount of new girls wanting to join our team this year. We have a great roster and just the right amount of activity. Placements are high for a reason. I am picky about who I put my energy and time into because I know right off the bat who is going to sink or swim. Only because I know the reality of these five things potential competitors themselves may want to consider:

1) Can you Afford it? – Not just a coach, the bikini, the bling, the show fees, the travel, hotel and coaching is a huge factor. If you don’t have a good coach while everyone else on stage does, how do you think this is going to go for you? If your suit is not a great suit, its average, what are you going to feel like next to the girl with the suit that doesn’t bunch on the backside and has to be bikini bit like crazy to stay in place? Or have to apply your own tanner because you can’t afford a professional spray tan or have your make up done by stage makeup artists rather than look washed out or overdone on stage because you did it yourself or had a friend do it? Why start with odds against you?! Especially, if you know better. Don’t get on stage if you can’t do this properly. It’s too competitive now! Too many girls are spending the money to do it all right when they are serious about this sport and going all the way with it as quickly as possible. The longer you compete the more money you put into all of this!

2) Do you have children who are not mentally or physically well chronically? Do you borderline or have a serious illness? Sicknesses or sick children to contend with do not go well with competition prep. Especially if you have an eating disorder to begin with or some serious underlying issues like allergies to a lot of foods, food intolerances or deficiencies. Any form of an illness this is not going to make it better unless you need to lose fat and grow muscle and that’s your underlying issue.

3) Are you injury free? I don’t understand if you have shoulder issues from the start how we are going to shape your shoulders? Or how about serious back issues?

4) Are you a full time student or work a job that is demanding with little free time left for you? Do you work at night? All this prevents you from being able to control cortisol and do both cardio & weight training at reasonable hours when can utilize their natural GH levels to their fullest, rather than squash them from fatigue.

5) Are you obese or overweight and wanting to be a competitor? Try losing weight first; start with weight management then do a competition prep. You don’t want to be on a competition prep all year and have to pay for it to reach your goal only to find out your skin is not coming in tight. Make sure your skin is okay. Tight skin and tightness is a signature thing in the sport of bodybuilding.

I try to keep things real. I care about the well being of PEOPLE. More girls fail than succeed and these are things that should make a sane person realize – not a good idea to step on stage with 1-5 being their situation. There are many of my own clients I have said wait or take a break and these are the reasons why. The sane ones appreciate it and have enough sense to listen. I have a great team of girls. I am very grateful that the drama falls off on its own because I will never see eye to eye with those who lack common sense and don’t have their priorities straight. Shows are not worth your well being and I am not a coach who will enable that.

I hope that this is understandable…because I don’t need your money, nor do I need psychological issues on my agenda that I really am not cut out to handle. It’s too much work and confusion for me. There is no amount of money that justifies the stress that comes with 1-5 on my agenda as a coach. It’s hard enough managing those who lack all of that and are simply on a diet and competing as it is. Keep it all simple and do it because it will bring joy to your life not more stress and misery! If your emotions are up and down, that’s not the diet!!!!

– Coach Michelle Johnson