Team Knockouts Policies & Privacy strives to offer its clients and consumers a quality competition experience. We hate spam as much as you do and we will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party. Period.

We reserve the rights to post your photos of you on stage, of you with other girls on the team or at any show or event related to your competition journey involving Team Knockouts. We also will at times repost and use some of your training and meal prep photos at our discretion to promote you as an athlete, as well as, our team. Any of our partners or affiliates at our events may also use your images, if we invite them to our event. You will be notified ahead of whom they are.

The only time this will not be done is if you put in a letter up front that your competition journey is private and you do not wish for us to post ANY photos of you individually.

We cannot agree to not post photos of you that involve other girls on our team. When signing up with our team you are waiving your right to control your photos involved in your competition journey with us. That will include your transformation shots, stage shots (which are public already), recipes on the meal plans we give you, food prep posts, training posts involving our workouts and photos we take that we want to use for marketing and promotional purposes.

When you forward your images to us, please make it clear up front of exactly which images your prefer we do not post or publish. We do try to give respect to our clients, but there are so many photos we post and we are not in a position to manage who likes what pictures we post out of the time it takes to correct these matters and because your photos may involve other girls on the team. This is an unfair request to us and your teammates may like that photo of themself. If you don’t want something posted, don’t pose for the photo and know you have the right to opt out of taking group photos not on stage.

If you want your privacy respect, this sport may not be for your because of the edginess to the sport on stage in a bikini (for females). Some of the poses required are provocative. Your shots once they go on the public sites by the show photographers are public and they will stay there. To have those shots removed once up will cost you hundreds of dollars. You will have to write a letter and you will be lucky to have them removed. We always suggest you consider that your job, your family, friends and more may see these shots so be sure you are feeling confident that you can handle some backlash that comes with this. You must stand tall on stage, know who you are and be willing to share your physique and experience for this to go smoothly for you.

What is on your IG and FB are only copyright material if you register it, as such, or the photographer that takes your images does. You must put up a clause that says, these photos are not for reuse by anyone without your approval and copyright it, for it to stand. Think ahead of what you are committing to! This is an amazing journey and well worth it, but the sport is what it is and photos are a part of it!

We love to post our favorite photos and your results. We always aim to please and hope you too will love what we share. This is how we prove that people just like you can shape the change of their body, hit the stage and find their strength and grace! You also get a service credit if anyone loves what they see and mentions you! We give rewards for anyone who just mentions your name and signs up as a result.

Children & Teenager Privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18. Parents must sign off and approve all service agreements and be the point of contact overall. No decisions will be made for a minor without a parents approval.

Changes to this Policy has a no refund policy under any circumstances. Once you make a payment it is final. You can send us a note requesting it be transferred to another person as long as your program has not been sent to you. You also have can suspend your program for 2 weeks without a fee. After two weeks to renew your program it is $150. However, you will have up to 3 months for non-medical reasons or 6 months for those with a death in the family, illness or who have a serious accident or injury.

We reserve the right to change this or any of our policies at any time. If a client becomes too difficult to manage and is requiring more attention than this program offers, a referral will be suggest. No refund will given to those who do not do their check-ins within 2 weeks of their expected check in date, unless you get approval. You must put a letter in writing suspending your program or you will lose your right to a refund and a suspension opportunity. The program will be automatically cancelled and no refund given.  You can appeal this by writing us a letter with an explanation and some sort of proof of illness, death in family, injury or accident. A program being terminated is up to our discretion. We always do our best to find a way to make things work for you! We are not in the business of cancelling programs unreasonably nor do we not understand circumstances. Communicating is your responsibility about what is going on or what we can do to support you better.

If you are not in compliance with our program regardless of our attempts to support you and reach out to you, we will terminate our contract. If you want a referral to another team that may be a better fit for you, we have a well of resources to suggest for you. If you remain in good standing with our team, each year you are eligible for renewal and will also receive valuable discounts and your referral credits. If we terminate your agreement on our end, your referral credits can be transferred to someone else or they will expire.

Clients must respect the policies of to prevent misunderstandings and termination of programs on our end. There is no liability on the part of Team-Knockouts. Please check this page periodically for changes. Once you make your payment you are in agreement to these terms and conditions.

Your continued use of our site and our services following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. Information collected prior to the time any change is posted will be used according to the rules and laws that applied at the time the information was collected.

Contacting Us

We can be reached by contacting:

Michelle Johnson

C/O Michelle-Enterprises, LLC