For the 2015 Competition Season, Team Knockouts due to it’s growth in recent years has decided to add a new division called the Team Knockouts Care Team. This division will include sponsored athletes that will be supporting our Knockouts at Shows, Presentation/Posing Workshops and with a multitude of other tasks that to help with our teams ongoing success. Nasreen Analouei and Tamires Nunes are both experienced competitors who have won their classes and have a passion for empowering women, competing and fitness. They came home with more than one trophy while with Team Knockouts. See their profiles below:

Nasreen Analouei, 27 years old, Program Analyst/Government

Team Knockouts Care Team Leader

Team Knockouts Care Team Leader

Nasreen signed up with Coach Michelle to do her first competition in 2011. This was before there was a team. She did win her class and placed 2nd in another. This year she returned to work with Michelle again wanting to join Team Knockouts. She had signed up with other teams like Bombshells & Team Edge, but found that Michelle’s coaching was most beneficial to her and her goals. She did not step on stage again since 2011 regardless of joining these other teams. Although she has no hard feelings with these teams, she felt coaching with Michelle Johnson and joining Team Knockouts was in her best interest. Nasreen works full time with the Government. She aspires to be a role model for woman and assist them with achieving a healthy lifestyle! She also hopes to grace the stages of the Arnold and the Olympia one day alongside some of her favorite IFBB Pros.

Tamires Nunes, 27, Personal Trainer


Tamires signed up with Team Knockouts in 2014 after seeing the transformation and results of another competitor who won the Overall and placed 4th at the largest show of the year NPC Nationals. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tamires has a mean backside. She did not need an extreme amount of work, but the tweaks and detailing she did while on her Competition Program took her body to a whole new level. She had not weight trained to develop muscle & shape in the past. This was a great experience for her and empowered her to make some serious life changes, as well. She enjoyed the process so much, she has now pursued a career in fitness and became a personal trainer. She did not place in her first show since she went in prematurely just for the experience, but swept the judges away her 2nd show taking home a few awards winning and placing in the top of her classes. She is the mother of a little boy who is three years old. Her goals is to be an IFBB Bikini Pro with Team Knockouts and go to the Olympia!

We welcome them both back for another great season with the NPC/IFBB and as our new administrators for our team and Team Facebook Page. Be sure to watch for our new and improved program & Team Knockouts Facebook Page!